Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lox, Bagels and Schmear – Oh My!

Sara and I go way back. We endured classic adolescent woes together – such things as Jewish summer camp, bedazzled hats, jelly sandals, one piece bathing suits, awkward hair, puff paint, Archie comics, jean overalls, bat mitzvahs, and Sunday school. We enjoyed cribbage games, embroidered friendship bracelets, and lanyard. I have no idea how we ever made it out of those years as seemingly normal adults, but if it’s alright with you, I’d like to think we did end up normal. Kapish?

This past weekend I met up with Sara at the most excellent Jewish deli in the suburbs of Seattle, Gilbert’s Main Street Bagel Deli. It’s located in Old Bellevue on Main Street, and it’s the perfect place to fill the Jew-Food square. The breakfast menu has all kinds of scrambles, French toast, and fruit, but we both went with the obvious: lox and bagels.

The plates were gigantic. We could have probably split half a bagel each, but it wasn’t such a bad thing to have leftovers for lunch. Our plates were neatly bordered in freshly sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, our bagels were warm and chewy, and the lox and schmear are history. Yum! (Yiddish translation: Geshmak!)

We sipped hot coffee and listened to the live jazz at the beautiful ten o’clock hour. Who cares if we were both running on five hours of sleep? It was the perfect place for two long lost girlfriends to reconnect over a peaceful morning breakfast.

If you are in the area, or plan on visiting Seattle, don’t be shy. Cross the bridge over Lake Washington and visit Gilbert’s for breakfast. And if you miss the breakfast boat, don’t fret. The matzo ball soup on the lunch menu is worth a trip too!

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