Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wandering For a Foodie Treasure

Dear Foodies,

Don’t you just love when you accidentally discover a new place to dine? It puts a smile on my face to find a special new café, and I often feel like an adventure has begun when I’ve found some random hole-in-wall gem of restaurant.

This is exactly what happened to David and I the other day. We were downtown running some errands near Pike Place Market and noticed a bistro along First Avenue called Bacco. “Breakfast Served All Day” was painted on one of the windows, and a wrap-around fence, iron chairs, and tables for two hugged the perimeter. It was the perfect place for a late morning Saturday breakfast.

We waltzed in and ordered a frothy cappuccino and vanilla latte right off the bat. For me, breakfast ended up being a caramelized onion quiche. David decided on the chicken sausage hash with rosemary potatoes.

Next time you are having a tough time deciding what to eat, I highly recommend wandering. Pick a place you’ve never heard of before, and give it a try.

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