Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

Photo by Rachel Dedrickson

What is better than shopping? Nothing.  The answer is: 'Make believe' shopping. Yes, even though you're an adult, this game is still allowed. Simply because you can browse to your heart's content and still come out spending $0.00. Well...maybe. I can't promise.

Here is a list of kitchen fun that has caught my attention as of late:

  • I've borrowed this book from the library, but I'd love to rotate it into my permanent cookbook collection.

  • For the girl that loves baking cakes, you can't go wrong with this lovely, white cake plate.

  • A cute egg pan could make for a yummy Saturday morning fried egg.

  • Slurp! These straws would make any beverage fun to sip.

  • The Kitchen Generation, which is the product of a team of young, up-and-coming bloggers/foodies.

  • Oh! And this dress would be cute for a morning at the Farmers Market.

What fun books, gadgets, and food items do you have on your radar this week?

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