Friday, November 26, 2010

Food Pearl: A Lunch I Loved

Cucumber cream cheese sandwiches with crust removed. Almond Dijon triangles on white fluffy bread. Bite size cranberry orange scones. Lemon custards and fruit tarts the size of an open palm. Fresh melon, pineapple, and watermelon sliced like a kaleidoscope image on the towering tiered tray in front of us. Candied walnuts, shortbread, and sorbet...

It's noon at Queen Mary's Tea House in Seattle's University District. Our eyes are big as usual, but an abundance of food is something to celebrate.

I sit with Mom to my left and Grandma to my right, as we sip delicious Assam black tea from our personal, silver teapots - cream and sugar added, of course. The flowery walls and intimate setting make me feel like a lady. We giggle and gab and dine on the treasures of Afternoon Tea.

The exact details of our visit are hazy to me. I think maybe Aunt Julie was with us as well. The important thing is I know it's a place and brunch we ladies of the family love.

Mom and I revisited the tea house earlier this month. It's not the same without Grandma, but we sure giggled and gabbed enough that I know she was laughing along from somewhere above.

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