Monday, October 18, 2010

Merci, Grazie, Danke,Thank You

Dear Foodies,

One thing my mother has ingrained in me is the importance of a thank you card. Over the years, sending a thank you note has been an instant reflex to receiving a gift from a family member or close family friend. It’s the right thing to do, and it feels good to let someone know you appreciate his or her generosity.

It may just be me, but thank you cards seem less expected for the 20-something generation. I don’t think my close friends expect me to send them a snail-mail thank you note, let alone a birthday card. Nonetheless, I will continue to practice the art of gratitude.

While I was out of town for the weekend, two of my best girlfriends stepped in to save the day. They graciously offered to take care of our puppy, Harlee. Harlee is a rescue dog, and therefore he has his quirks. He struggles with socializing, but he wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Nonetheless, I was nervous he would give my friends a hard time; especially since this is the first time we’ve left him to travel.

I’m pleased to report that everything worked out. I came home, and friends and dog were in one piece. Immediately my thank you card instincts kicked in, but I decided to do it a little different this time.
I decided to bake.

I tested out Jess Thompson’s, of Hogwash, Whole Wheat Blueberry Bread. Why? I had pretty much everything I needed to make the bread, and it was a sweet way to let my friends know how much I appreciated their rallying to make my trip possible and my puppy dog accommodated.

The loaf was perfect, warm and flecked with cinnamon. The plain yogurt that the recipe calls for makes the bread extra moist. I highly recommend the recipe.

After letting the bread cool for a good 2 hours, I wrapped the loaves in saran wrap and then wrapped them again in brown parchment paper. I finished the package off by tying a piece of burlap and white satin ribbon around the loaf and attaching a scrapbook thank you note. I then hand delivered the package.

Next time you need to say thank you, think outside the box. You can never go wrong with a handwritten thank you note, but isn’t a cozy sweet treat just as heartfelt?

Tell me, what are your foods as gifts ideas?

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