Monday, September 13, 2010

Apricot Nectar

Dear Foodies,

While we are on the subject of Donnie, I wanted to bring up one of my favorite treats.

Before I was old enough to be attending school, Donnie and Gram would watch me while my parents were at work. One thing they always had on hand, and which they would buy in economy-size cans, was apricot juice.

I would suck this juice down like it was water at age five. If you’ve tasted apricot juice before, then you know what I mean. Who wouldn’t devour this gem?! The golden colored juice goes down thick and sweet, but not syrupy. It’s rich, but refreshing. It’s tinged with happiness, and finishes with an upward curling of the lips. A smile, of course!

I can’t seem to find apricot juice in grocery stores nowadays. On the rare occasion that I do stumble on a lone can, however, I snatch it up. I consider this drink one of the sweetest treats. It takes me right back to cartoons, footed pajamas, my teddy bear, naptime, and coloring outside the lines (literally and figuratively).

Guess what? I found a can this weekend. You better believe it’s already empty!


denise, the prime magpie said...

Will have to give this a try if I see it -- I'm guessing Whole Foods or maybe Trader Joes might have it? Would make for a great Bellini cocktail!

Rachel Dedrickson said...

I didn't even think of that. Such a good idea, Denise! I guess I can bring the spirits into my favorite juice now that I'm no longer 5!

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